Good healthy sleep is necessary for every person for the normal functioning of the body. Unfortunately, today, for various reasons, many people have serious violations of sleep or the complete disappearance of sleep, in a word – insomnia. Medical statistics show that almost every fifth person suffers from this disease, and the number of people sleeping poorly is constantly growing.

Insomnia, or as it is also called medics insomnia, is characterized by a sleep disorder, that is, its poor quality or insufficient duration over a long time. This disease, with delayed treatment, can lead to the development of a number of dangerous chronic pathologies, since constant lack of sleep affects the state of the organism as a whole.

Causes of Insomnia

Insomnia greatly spoils the quality of a person’s life, negatively affects his physical and psychological state. In order to cure the disease, it is necessary to deal with the causes that cause it.

The causes of sleep disorders can be many, experts divide them into two main groups:
• psychological;
• physiological.

Psychological causes cause insomnia in more than half the cases. Sleep disturbance may occur as a result of stress, against the background of depressive states of various etiologies. Insomnia caused by psychological causes, as a rule, does not last long and goes away by itself after the elimination of these causes. In some cases, insomnia occurs as a result of changing time zones at the time of air travel, a change in work schedule, in most cases, has a negative impact on the quality of sleep.

The physiological causes of insomnia can be caused by taking various medications and the presence of chronic pathologies. Sleep disturbance may occur if you are taking antidepressants, painkillers, drugs that include caffeine, corticosteroids, hormonal medications for the thyroid gland, diuretics (diuretics).

Insomnia often torments people with chronic illnesses. Insomnia can be caused by the following diseases: asthma, kidney disease, Parkinson’s disease, hyperthyroidism (thyroid dysfunction), various forms of oncology.

Often, sleep disorders occur as a result of apnea (breath holding during sleep), in the presence of restless legs syndrome, which manifests itself in a state of rest by unpleasant sensations that force a person to move his lower limbs to ease them.

Practice shows that today the most frequent cause of insomnia are constant stress and various depressive states. In this case, you can observe the effect of a vicious circle, since a bad dream, as a rule, aggravates these problems. Therefore, to restore normal sleep and eliminate psychological problems, you should not delay the treatment that can only be carried out by an experienced specialist.

Methods of diagnosis and treatment of insomnia

Problems of sleep disorders deal with psychiatrists and neurologists. For successful treatment, the doctor, first of all, will find out the cause of insomnia, and this can be done only in the process of collecting a detailed history. During the reception, the specialist conducts a thorough questioning of the patient, and at this moment it is extremely important that the person is able to describe all his feelings to the smallest detail. A detailed history often allows the doctor to understand the reasons that the patient himself does not even know. Understanding that a person suffers from insomnia will also help the patient’s appearance – general lethargy, red eyes and swelling under them, dry lips.

To determine the degree of insomnia today is also used a special instrumental method of research – somnografiya. This procedure is carried out in a specialized laboratory where a normal sleeping environment is created. Sensors of various vital indicators are connected to the patient, and on the basis of the information received, the specialist determines the extent of the disease and the possible cause of its occurrence, after which a course of necessary therapy is prescribed.

When treating insomnia, the approach to each specific person is strictly individual and depends on the reasons for its occurrence. Sometimes it is enough just to eliminate a psychological cause, and sleep disorders will pass by themselves. In some cases, you may need to take a variety of sedatives. Remarkably help with insomnia various folk remedies – all sorts of herbal teas and infusions. In any case, it is not worthwhile to engage in self-treatment, only an experienced specialist can prescribe proper treatment, because insomnia is a serious disease that can lead to disruption of the entire body.

To prevent the occurrence of insomnia, doctors recommend not to drink coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, as well as heavy food before bedtime. Compliance with sleep patterns, walks in the fresh air before falling asleep, a comfortable bed, a relaxed atmosphere – all this is a wonderful thing.
phylactic insomnia. If you have this problem, the main thing is not to worry that you will not be able to sleep. At bedtime, you need to relax, take a warm bath and free your thoughts from all fears and anxieties. The implementation of the above recommendations will guarantee a good restful sleep.